Types of Grasses



liberty white, contributor

This is some of the only grass that is on vms campus. There is only grass in the back of the school, front of the school, and in the pe field. It makes sense because a lot of kids walk on the grass and sometimes rips up the grass and there is usually only dirt by all of the classrooms.

This is grass that is growing out of the rocks on the wall. Maybe when its windy seeds fly around and land on the walls that have dirt on them. Grass can grow anywhere.

Some grass has weeds that look like flowers. This grass was growing by the gym. It is really long and looks like there is some sort of flower or random weed growing out of the grass. Maybe if there was color and it was neater it would look pretty.

Don’t throw paper airplanes! This is really dead grass. Its mostly dirt but there is also a paper airplane. You are not aloud to make them or throw them in school. There is also almost no grass here, people probably walk in it a lot as you can see from the shoe marks in the dirt.

This is probably the deadest grass I’ve ever seen. It has a lot of tan dry grass and weeds. You can tell Florida has not gotten a lot of rain. Very dry grass is not a good thing.

“Weeds are true grasses or monocots that germinate from seed each year and die at the end of the growing season.” According to google. I think weeds are invasive but are also good because animals can eat them and get rid of them.