The Feelings of Leaving

How 8th Graders Feel About Leaving Middle School

May 11, 2023

       Changes are happening all around us. One of the biggest changes for us 8th graders will be, well, leaving Middle School. Venice Middle School is all most of us have known for the last three years. The teachers, classrooms, procedures, and everything is so familiar to us.  

       But that will change. We will be graduating in less than a month and will soon go off to high school. It will be terrifying for some, exciting for others, or maybe even both. It will be a completely different environment for us. 

       Personally, I am nervous. Surprisingly, I’m nervous about leaving Venice Middle behind. I feel as though time has gone by too fast. One thing that made me realize just exactly how I felt about this transition was music.  

        I love music. I can’t focus or do anything without listening to music. The depth of the lyrics and the gorgeous mix of instruments for certain songs really hit me like a brick to the head. Music has always helped me clear my thoughts. 

        Listening to music 24/7 has also made me start to wonder just how other people feel about going off to high school. So, I decided to mix the two. I asked a handful of 8th graders two questions. First, how are you feeling about going off to high school? Next, what is a song that reminds you of this?  

        The idea of high school can be exciting for 8th graders. Olivia Cizmar is one of the 8th graders that I have interviewed that feels quite excited. She said, “I’m really excited for high school. I’m so excited for all the opportunities for my future and career. I’m also looking forward to marching band, as Mr. Wing is an awesome band director. I can’t wait for High School to come.” 

       I then asked her to give me a song that reminded her of the feeling of leaving to go high school. Olivia said, “Diamonds” by Luke Hemmings. I have listened to this song and it’s quite beautiful. The instruments and the lyrics give off a sort of nostalgic and coming of age feeling. 

      Madison Heonis also has very strong feelings about going to high school. Maddy says, “I’m feeling pretty excited about high school and I’m happy that it will be a fresh start. I’m also a little nervous but it will be fine because I’m looking forward to sports and new friends.”  

      Maddy decided to pick a song that kind of reflected how she felt middle school was for her. She says, “It Was a Good Day,” by Ice Cube. This is actually one of my favorite songs. The lyrics and the background music go well together. The lyrics are also very enjoyable and catchy. 

     There were some that were excited, but not about going to high school. They are more excited about leaving middle school. Olivia Hicks is a perfect example of this scenario. She said, “Well, I am very excited to get out of our middle school.” 

    When I asked Olivia to pick a song that represents how she feels, she picked “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. I love Lana, she is one of my favorite artists. The way she makes her music is outstanding. “Summertime Sadness” is a great song,  

     Now, not everyone feels the same way as these do. Some may be terrified for high school. For example, Jacob Bovell said, “I feel sort of anxious to go to high school.” Feeling nervous is completely normal, I feel this way as well. 

    Jacob then picked a song that reminded him of going to High School. He said, “Start of Something New,” from High School Musical. I feel like High School Musical was a movie series that most of us watched growing up, and I love it. 

    While some feel excited and others feel anxious about high school, there are people who feel both emotions. Tati Curry says, “I feel scared for high school, but also excited in a way.” I’m terrified for the change, but excited for the new experiences. I feel that is how a lot of people view it as well. 

    When I asked Tati to pick a song she said, “For Lovers,” by Lamp because it is so calming!” I could not stop playing this song for an hour of writing this. Like Tati said, this song is extremely calming. The singing voice mixed with the soft acoustics sound quite beautiful. 

   Annalicia Vazquez feels the exact same way as Tati. She says, “I’m nervous, but excited.” The funny thing about Annie is that she had no idea what song to describe how she was feeling. So, she did what any of us would do. Annie asked her Snapchat AI to pick one for her. 

   Annie’s AI picked, The Middle, by Zedd. Annie said she didn’t know the song and at first neither did I. Until I realized it is the same song that used to play during Target commercials in 2019. 

   Some people had strong feelings toward going off to high school but could not think of a song to represent that. For example, Aidan Sleigher says, “I feel pretty good about high school, I think it’s going to be a fun experience.” He couldn’t think of a song, but I agree and feel that high school will be a fun experience. 

   Another person that could not think of a song was Clark Timmerman. He said, “I am very excited for high school.”  

   Like I said in the earlier paragraphs, I have many feelings towards going to high school. I’m excited to experience new things and a new environment, but I am also nervous and a little sad to leave all I’ve known for the last three years. 

   For the most part, I am very happy to experience new things, but I will miss middle school. Personally, I have many songs that sort of describe how I feel but the one that describes it the best is RUNNING OUT OF TIME, by Tyler, The Creator. 

    Now, this entire interview wasn’t just about finding out what type of music people listen to. It was about finding out if anyone felt the same as I did about going off to high school. Some of us had a horrible middle school experience while others had the best experience of their lives. Even if high school seems scary, it will be a fresh start. 


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