All it takes is to plan ahead

Middle schoolers and High schoolers should start planning out there future.


Autumn Couch, Contributor

      Every year, students put off what they want to get a degree in college for or even what they want to do with their lives. These questions should not be laid off. Planning for what you want to do with your life is a promising idea and something middle schoolers and high schoolers should think about. 


        Students say they do not want to go to college because of how expensive it is, but if they simply would have planned, they could see the requirements to get scholarships for the college they would like to apply to. As an example, if you wanted to go to University of Central Florida you can participate in their “Award-Winning Scholarship Essay” on their website . The University of Central Florida has a scholarship “Bright Future” based on high school academic achievement. It says, “Students many times do not apply for scholarships that involve writing essays. However, scholarships that require essays do not usually have many applicants which may increase your chances of earning a scholarship.” This shows that you have a better chance because not a lot of people apply for the essay. 


      If you do go to college, I would recommend going to college in your state. Going to college out of state is more expensive. On the website it shows, “Florida- In state tuition cost six thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. Outstate tuition costs twenty-one thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars.” The average student debt is 37,574. Just to go to Florida for college from out of state it cost fifteen thousand five hundred and twenty dollars‬ more than a in state tuition. If you stay in the state, you can save much more money. 


      Going to college and being in student loans and paying thousands of dollars is okay, but going to college on a scholarship and not getting in deep student loans is awesome. If you simply just plan and research, you will have a degree with a bright future and all it takes is to start planning now.