Sports at a Young Age



Graham Cassani, contributor

          Playing a sport is an important part of your childhood. Sports at an early age gives you a lot of rewards like teamwork skills, communication skills, and it keeps you busy and healthy. I am a kid and I think playing a sport is the best thing you can do it keeps you out of getting in trouble and it keeps me heathy and in shape. When I am playing sports, I learn especially important skills that helped me in life. For example, when I am playing basketball, I have to talk a lot on the court. Doing this has helped me be able to talk to people in a responsible way when I am in school and outside of school. Basketball has also opened friendships. This is huge because in life you are going to want to have a support group. 

          One major advantage of playing a sport is keeping your physical health and mental health up. On WebMD it states, “Sports help you manage stress. Exercise causes your body to release endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that relieve pain and stress.” This means keeping your health up when you are a kid is particularly important. If you are not on the healthy side, you are more likely to get sick and be tired, this is bad because if you are always sick or sleeping your mental health is going to be affected. Mental health is a huge thing for kids, it affects the way you think and feel about things. For example, if you are always sad or mean then not a lot of people are going to want to be your friends. This is bad because when you are a kid you want to place yourself with a lot of friends. 

          Another advantage of being involved in sports is creating huge friendships and bonds. On i9 sports It says, “Sports build relationships, giving kids the opportunity to spend time with their friends, bond over their experiences, work hard together, and compete in a healthy way against each other.” This is great to have in life. Sports friendships are incredibly good because you already know you have something in common and will have been with each other for a long time. This will create bonds and they are good to have with friends because then they turn more into family than friends. 

          Overall playing sports is a wonderful thing to do as a kid, it gives you great life skills and features that money cannot buy you. I love playing my sport and I am sure your kid will too.