Why Bees Need to Stay! 

Here’s Why Bees Need to Stay!


Stevie Huyck, Contributor

Why bees need to stay! 


Some people may not like bees because they sting, buzz, and scare small children, but has anybody ever looked at the positive effects bees have on the environment? Bees provide a lot more than just honey and stingers. 


Bees are especially important and vital for pollination in our world. Without bees, we would lose 1/3 of our world’s food supply. Without bees, we would only be able to live for 4 years! Bees are very vital to our environment. They pollinate food, that is vital to our immune systems, and extremely healthy. There are many reasons why bees are important to our environment, another reason is, bees provide food for other wild animals. Goats, chickens, squirrels, bats, and many more animals eat foods pollinated by bees. 


Wild animals need food too. Over 35 percent of the foods wild animals eat are bee pollinated. Without bees we would lose a lot of wild animals in the process. Wild animals’ diet consists of other animals and bee pollinated foods. Without bee pollinated foods, the percentage of animal deaths will increase exponentially. A New York times article said, “…beyond plants, many animals, such as the beautiful bee-eater birds, would lose their prey in the event of dying off, and this would also impact natural systems and food webs.” 


The truth is: We need bees. Even though some people are allergic, and others just do not like them, we need bees. Bees are vital to humans, animals, and other plants. If animals have no pollinated food to eat; they will eventually die off or find other animals to eat. Either way more animals will die than necessary.