The Spectacular Mr. Schafer


Mr. Schafer (right) posing with fellow teacher Mr., Ryan (left).

Mr. Schafer (right) posing with fellow teacher Mr., Ryan (left).

Elle Arena, Contributor

     Mr. Schafer is a wonderful history teacher, coach, and role model. He is always preparing his students for the real world and always keeps them thinking about their future. On the track, court, and field, he keeps his athletes prepared for the competition and ready to take home a win.  

     As many of us have heard, Mr. Schafer has been out for the fourth quarter for medical reasons. But he is doing his very best to get back to school. He won’t be back for this school year, but will be returning next school year. 

     Mr. Schafer went to college at the University of South Florida, later he taught in Michigan where he is from.  Besides teaching, he worked as a Retail Sales Manager. When becoming a teacher, he wanted to be a difference maker in the community, so he decided to teach his favorite subject, United States History. He loves this subject because he finds the Civil War period fascinating. His favorite parts about teaching are coaching and working with the students. Outside of school, Mr. Schafer has a wife, three kids, two dogs, and one cat.  

     Many students appreciate Mr. Schafer. Katie Reynolds (track-long jump and sprints) says “Mr. Schafer is a great track coach.” Two of Mr. Schafer 8th grade students Smanatha Gomez & Olivia Sherrier say “Mr. Schafer is the best history teacher.” Similarly, Alexa Kosiski says, “Mr. Schafer helped me with my study habits.” Even though Mr. Schafer hasn’t been able to teach his students this past quarter, his students remember all that he has done for them this year and years prior.

     Mr. Schafer is very appreciated here at VMS for everything that he has done for our school, and we all hope that he continues his time at Venice Middle for many years to come.