Blissful Beaches

Places holding unforeseen significance.

A beach is not simply a place. Many events occur, many feelings are felt, many actions are performed, many thoughts are pondered, or plainly enough, many views are enjoyed. Waves crash, winds blow, tides change, nevertheless, everything is but a little, yet meritorious occurrence.

The shore is dead, as noiseless equanimity is maintained lest the sands be shifted. Impurity of light flourishes through the night virtually illuminating the unlit sky.
Streams of light loom in the clouds, effectively captivating one’s perception. Rays of light gleam anywhere and everywhere shimmering across the ocean.
Beams of sunlight protrude from the clouds, devising an ethereal atmosphere. The sea is calm, as it rests in the ecstasy of its adjoining serenity.
Waves crash and winds roar as the storms roll in. Water pummels rock, and clouds isolate this occasion, coating grey over the ether.
The morning sun preemptively advances the horizon. Rock and water stay divided, merely colliding back and forth, harnessing the notion known as shore.