Significant Solemn Sign

The importance of placing yourself in other’s shoes.

Jenna Mizanin, Contributor

These set of images depicts a scenario which many students face on the daily. Hateful messages, both written and posted online, can negatively impact the recipient of these statements. You never know what someone may be going through, so place yourself in their shoes before making hateful remarks.

From the perspective of an outsider, a student is bawling due to a hateful message written to her while her companion attempts to comfort her in her state of despair. The culprits of the message are looking at the scene in front of them and gossiping about the students.
Through the eyes of the targeted student, her tears slowly coat the paper with the hateful messages inscribed upon its face. Her friend is holding eye contact with the student, whose aim is to distract the student from the paper gripped between her trembling fingers.
From the view of a comforting companion, she places her palm on the sobbing student’s shoulder while the student looks towards the sheet of paper within her tight grasp.
With vision blurred from tears of laughter, two students point fingers towards their victims. The victim’s sobbing is music to their ears.