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The life of water bottles

Water Bottles around the school

May 25, 2023

A bottle of water over flowing the sink.
Smart water, For the smartest of smart.
A more unique water bottle.
Water sits, while people work.
A wild water bottle! Its on the run!
Come find your water bottles people, they miss you 🙁

Do you carry a water around with you? Staying well hydrated is vital to your health, your body is made up of 60 percent of water and even the slightest dehydrated could effect your body. If you carry a bottle of water with you all you have to do is pick it up and drink out of it, but when you don’t bring one with you then you get stuck being thirsty and now you have to look for a place to buy water.

If you don’t drink enough water in general then carrying a bottle around with you could remind you to drink more water. Water is a lubricant and cushion your joints, it also protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissue by making them stronger. Not drinking water can cause your body to be a ton of pain and make you tired faster because it is telling you that you are dehydrated.

It is possible to much water and if you do it can cause an imbalance with sodium and other electrolytes and the water moves from your blood to inside your cells which will make them swell.  Anyway, there is ups and downs on  water, but as long as you carry aa bottle around with you and make sure to drink enough water through out the day then everything will be just fine.

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