Wawa orders


Olivia Hall, Contributor

   Why would you choose a wawa gas station to get something to eat? There’s Burger King, Mc Donald’s, Chipotle, etc… I would never have thought that people would go to a gas station… for food. I am so interested in what other people’s go-to Wawa order is! So, say we are going to have a field trip and we stop at Wawa… what are you going to get? Me personally, I’m getting a meatball sub and a lemonade or sometimes what my parents call a “crud shake”, aka, a slushy with every flavor! Except the lemonade flavor, that one is terrible!  Here is what my VMS classmates would get! 

   -Morgan Silva-  

“I would get a Dr. Pepper, and an Italian sandwich with white lettuce, pickles, mustard, salami, mozzarella, and vinegar! Mm, makes my mouth water!” 

-Chauncey Pich- 

“I either get an Oreo milkshake or cotton candy dip n’ dots. I like to keep it simple.” 

-Elliana DeJesus- 

“I usually get a frozen Coke or a strawberry milkshake! I get some potato chips and some random candy that id randomly be in the mood for.” 

-Gage Powers- 

“I like a root beer with a meatball sub and cookies and cream dip n’ dots.” 

-Nevaeh Nabergall- 

“I usually just get water; my family usually eats at home. We only go there if we need gas, so I just ask my dad for a water.” 

-Tatiana Curry- 

“I get the absolute best smoothie ever, aka; the strawberry banana smoothie.” 

-Alicia Kokocinski- 

“I get the summer berry frappe with a quesadilla with cheese and bacon. Sometimes I get chocolate pretzels. Then f it’s the morning I get a morning sausage, egg, and cheese on a croissant.” 

-Blake King- 

“I always! always! always! Get chicken tenders and an iced tea with some cheesy french fries. 

-Xavier Messer-  

“I like getting mac n’ cheese, chicken tenders, and a pink lemonade.” 

-Zaniah Thomas- 

“I get the strawberry banana smoothie with a Caeser salad with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, bacon, cucumbers, and ranch dressing” 

   So, while Wawa would never replace the Chick-fil-a or Wendy’s, it’s still making an appearance in the fast-food industry. People still do go out and get breakfast, dinner and even lunch, but Wawa also offers a variety of snacks and drink options.  

-Olivia Hall