2023 Super bowl

The big game


This years two super bowl teams

Graham Cassani, Contributor







The NFL has a Super bowl every year, it is a huge game where two teams play each other. There are many different teams that can go to the Super bowl each year. The Super bowl is watched by many different people every year. This year the two teams in the Superbowl are Eagles and Chiefs. 

 (8) The Chiefs are going to win because their QB has one of the best throwing arms in the NFL and he is fast and knows where to put the ball. Also, there wide receiver is incredibly good and can make crazy catches with   defenders covering them.  

Tristen (8) said that the Bengals are going to win because their team has many good options that can get a touchdown and they do not lose hope when they are down. 

Micky (8) said that he thinks it is time for the Eagles to win the big game because they have the best record, and he thinks they have the QB and the coaches to take the chip away with them. 

Zeke (8) said thinks that the Chiefs are going to win because every year they find a way to beat the odds and win games. He also said that their running game is hard to stop when it gets started. 

Christen (8) said he thinks the 49ers are going to win the game because they beat his team by a lot and he says that they are the best team in the NFL right now, so there is no doubt that they will lose the Super bowl. 

This year the Super bowl is going to have a crazy outcome and be watched by billions of people around the world. Go Chiefs!!!