Valentines Day Candies

What’s your favorite Valentines Day candy?


Stevie Paige Huyck, Contributor

   Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is great and all, but don’t you hate it when you do not get your favorite candy? Some people like Reese’s, some people like Sweethearts, and some people like heart shaped chocolates. There are so many more types of Valentine’s Day candies but let’s stick to these three, and talk about their pros and cons. 


   Reese’s has made over two billion dollars in annual sales, that’s a lot of money. A lot of people like Reese’s because the saltiness of the peanut butter matches well with the milky, chocolate shell. Nearly 36 percent of Americas population voted Reese’s as their favorite candy choice. Reese’s also come in heart shapes which makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day! An un-named 8th grader said that the reason they like Reese’s the best for valentine’s day is because the chocolate and peanut butter are an incredibly good combination. 


   Sweethearts are a classic Valentine’s Day candy because they are sweet, have cute sayings, and are heart shaped! They make over 8 billion candy hearts every year! Fun fact: They used to have phrases on them such as, “Call me”, “Email me”, and “Fax me”. These phrases have been changed though to appeal more to today’s teenagers and young adults. Sweethearts are the second most loved candy for Valentine’s Day. An un-named 6th grader said that they like sweethearts the best because they have pretty colors and are full of flavor. 


   Heart shaped chocolates are the most loved valentine’s day candy in America! Almost 60 percent of America thinks it’s the best Valentine’s Day candy! That’s roughly 4 million people! An un-named 6th grader said they like heart shaped chocolates because they have different fillings and flavors.  

   Whether you have a valentine this Valentine’s Day or not, make sure to check out some of these candies and pick your favorite!