Why Chocolate Symbolizes Valentine’s Day

Chocolates and Valentine’s Day

Why Chocolate Symbolizes Valentines Day

Natalia Orwat, Contributor

On February 14th there is a tradition where you spend time with your loved one. You buy them presents and show them how much you care. A quite common but tasty present Is chocolate. Some of you already know this, but chocolate is used as a symbol for Valentine’s Day. Here is why it is used as a symbol and why it is a good gift. 

A heart shaped box with chocolates is a sign of love, care, and romance. This tradition of giving chocolates began with Richard Cadbury. Richard Cadbury was the one who thought to give chocolates in a pretty box for Valentine’s Day. He packaged them with rosebuds and cupids. Then everyone started giving chocolates in a heart shaped box to each ither. Chocolate was already a sign of love to the old Victorians. But before this, the Mayans made chocolate from cocoa beans. They called it a “Gift of the Gods.” During marriages, the two people would take a sip of chocolate because they thought it would grant them everlasting love. Now about 2,000 years later, chocolate is still used to represent love. A fun fact you might have not heard of is that when you eat chocolate, it elevates a person’s mood and is often called being in love. 

When I asked some people at Venice Middle most of them said that the most popular thing mostly everyone gets are chocolates. “I like to get chocolates because they are delicious, and they make me feel like I’m in love.” Some of them also said teddy bears and flowers. What brings you the most joy on Valentine’s Day? If you get chocolate, then I bet you will be feeling love.