My Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day with my sister in Elementary.


Picture of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Alexandra Udovik, Contributor

Three years ago, me and my sister designed our boxes to bring on Valentine’s Day in school. We did not care if anyone wanted to be our valentine, we were just eager to get the candy. On my box, I had drawn cat eyes and my sister made something more traditional; with hearts and pink paint. Before Valentine’s Day though, I was chatting with my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Pez, about what we were going to do. I planned to wear a crimson dress with roses and curl my hair to match the day. When I came home, I started to work on my box right away unlike my sister who was doing her homework. It took longer than expected because of how slow the paint dried and me having to write all the names on the candy.  

The next day, I came to class and me and my teacher exchanged compliments on our outfits. When it was time to hand out the candy to everybody, the children walked around the desks receiving various amounts of sweets. The desks were formed in a circular formation, so one person walked around the desk so the others could put their candy in the box. After everyone finished walking around and passing out candy, we looked through our boxes to find out what candy we got and to read some notes we exchanged. The boxes were filled with Hershy-kisses, Snickers, heart- shaped lollipops and more. Some people ate their candy and some did not; wanting to trade or eat later once they came home. 

 After school was over, I went on the bus to ride home and noticed that everyone was trading candy. I saw my sister a few seats away from me and we exchanged glances knowing that once we came home, we could trade or eat the sweets. As we came home, we rushed to our room and traded chocolates for air-heads or other goodies, laughing as we read some of the quirky letters our classmates wrote us. It was a fun Valentine’s Day in school and at home with our family.