Favorite Things About Winter

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Favorite Things About Winter

Natasha Bensen, Contributor

     Winter comes and goes like any other season, but this one is special. For some it is Christmas, for others it is getting time off school and sleeping in. For whatever reason it may be, many people’s favorite season is winter. I asked people what their favorite thing about winter is and what activities they do. 

Anastasia Chaney says, “I like having Hot Chocolate and celebrating Christmas.” 

Madison Graham says, “I like snow, hail, snowstorms that Florida gets, Christmas, and the Grinch.” 

Layla Tippett says, “I like it when its cold, watching Christmas movies, and winter break, because there is no school.” 

Grace Preston says, “I like eating dinner with my family on Christmas and wearing Christmas sweaters.” 

Natasha Breeding, one of my friends who lives up north, says, “I live in Colorado, so I’m used to the cold, but in the winter, I love it when it starts to snow. I love sitting in front of the fireplace and hanging out with my friends and family. I also love traveling to Florida to see some of my old friends and getting a break from the cold.” 

     Me personally, I like being off school and spending time with my family for Christmas. Winter is the one time of year when many families join together and spend time with each other. Winter is a time where family can feel closer, friends, can get reacquainted, and new relationships can be made. While you are reading this, I want you to think about what makes winter special for you. Because winter has a different effect on all of us. If you love seeing snow, traveling, or even having your family over, or if you are spending it with your parents or a friend, winter can be a special time for all of us. Including you.