Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

Which one do you prefer?



Daniella Palladino & Autumn Couch, Contributor's

        On November 28th there is a thing called Cyber Monday. On November 25th there is a thing called Black Friday. The difference between Black Friday and Cyber-Monday is when during Black Friday, you can shop in the stores. During Cyber Monday, you shop online, and bargains are better for electronics. I personally prefer Cyber Monday because I don’t like shopping in stores. I feel that it takes forever to get one thing and there are so many people around. You have to wait in lines just to get into one store and then when you’re in the store, they are usually out of your size. It’s so annoying. Autunm and I went around VMS asking students if they prefer Cyber Monday or Black Friday.  


         Jaylah Barton-Gerena: “I like Black Friday better than Cyber-Monday because I like Friday more than Monday.” 

        Maddie Heonis: “Black Friday because it is better to shop in person and you can try the clothes/shoes on and see if they fit or look good on.” 

       Sofia Barta: “Cyber Monday because most people don’t like Monday, so the orders are not completely backed up and because everybody is shopping from Black Friday.” 

      Mya Stuppy: “I like Black Friday better because it’s on a Friday so you aren’t tired like you would be on a Monday.”  

      Elizabeth Sabodash: “I like Cyber-Monday better because Black Friday is busy, and I like to shop online more than in person.” 

     Neveah Nabergall: “I like Cyber Monday better than Black Friday because I don’t like people because people are weird and stinky.” 

     Britania Frias-Garcia: “Cyber Monday because I don’t like staying in stores for hours.” 

     Maddie Naubert: “Black Friday because it’s a chance that you can go out nice and early and spend the day out shopping, walking, and spending time with family and friends.” 

     Jessica Fast: “Cyber Monday so I can shop on the websites to get great deals and do not have to deal with crowds of people in the stores. Also, more availability buying online because stores run out of items and sizes.”  


     In conclusion, you may like shopping in the comfort of your home and in your pajamas. Or you like going into stores and trying clothes on and hanging out with family or friends.  Whether it’s Cyber-Monday or Black Friday, VMS students just love to shop.