Christmas Gifts

Best gifts for family and friends


Natalia Orwat, Contributer

        Christmas is a very wonderful holiday. You get to meet up with your family and friends. There is a main part of Christmas which every kid looks forward to and that is waking up and opening presents. It can be really challenging trying to find the perfect gift for someone. I wrote this to help you find the best present for your family or friends.  

       Teens can be really picky when it comes to gifts. A lot of people like to get new clothes like from Hollister and Lululemon while other people would rather get gifts like gaming necessities or cool furniture for their room. There are also comfortable things people would like to get such as weighted blankets, blanket hoodies, teddy bears, silk pillowcases, and sweaters. If you know someone who really likes to take care of their skin then get them skincare products such as facial moisturizer, facial cleaners, and facial serums. It is good to take care of your skin, so this is a great gift for others. When you have someone who loves makeup then buy them makeup gift sets. With the gift sets it is better to get because it comes with a lot of different things so if you do not know what type of makeup, they want then they will get a variety of different things.. Some pretty makeup products include lip-gloss, mascara, makeup brushes, and different colored pallets. 

        I asked some of the students at VMS to say what they genuinely want for Christmas. Anonymous said “I want an electric guitar because they seem so cool and fun to play. I want to play sick tunes” Another person said, “A Justin Bieber cardboard cutout in my room is really all I want right now, and it will make me so happy.” Another student named Riley said, “I really want new air pods so I can listen to my music and enjoy it.” 

       Those were some things I recommended to get. I really hope this gift guide helped you get some ideas for your family and friends. Have a jolly Christmas and a happy new year.