Real Christmas Trees or Fake Christmas Trees?

Which one do you prefer?


Stevie Huyck, Contributor

    A real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree? Question of the century, am I right? Some people get fake Christmas trees because a family member, or they, have an allergy. Other people get fake Christmas trees because they prefer them over the traditional, real, Christmas trees. A lot of people get real Christmas trees because they like the smell or the aesthetic. Which one do you prefer? 

    Let us first talk about fake Christmas trees. A lot of people get them for Christmas time because they, or a family member, has an allergy. Some people get fake Christmas trees because they do not want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up the needles or lugging it on top of their car and through their house. Fake Christmas trees are great and all, but there is some cons. Some fake, or artificial, Christmas trees cost a fortune. Let’s say you bought a real Christmas tree each year for three years, and each one cost $150. Thats $450 on real Christmas trees for three years. Now let’s say you bought a fake Christmas tree that lasts you three years and it costs $600. That’s $600 vs. $450 for three years. When you buy a fake Christmas tree, it may take years for the price to be better than or equal to buying real Christmas trees each year. Another con is fake Christmas trees are non-degradable, meaning they can’t decompose and might even harm the environment. 

    Now let’s talk about real Christmas trees. If no one in your family is allergic to sap, fir trees, pine trees, or other things that come from a Christmas tree, then a real Christmas tree may be perfect for you! There are a lot of pros for having a real Christmas tree in your home at Christmas time. One is having that nice Christmas tree smell engulf your house. Another is Christmas trees can improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. An article in Texas A&M Today said, “Additionally, there are benefits of having a real Christmas tree in the home. From improving mental health, productivity and happiness to boosting your immune system and lowering anxiety, research has proven repeatedly that living plants and trees are invaluable.” Another pro to having a real Christmas tree is they are biodegradable, meaning they can eventually decompose and be used for other purposes. There are a few cons though. Nobody is a fan of the pine needles that get stuck in the carpet and seem impossible to clean. Another con is that you must lug a heavy tree on top of your car and drag it through the house. 

   Whether you buy a real Christmas tree or a fake one, if you and your family have an amazing Christmas, and do fun things, that’s all that matters!