The Cost of Christmas

How Expensive is Christmas?


Alexandrea Wagner, Contributor


Christmas is a very joyful holiday that takes place on the 25th of December. It is known for getting and giving presents, festive decorations, and the time spent with family. The question I have though is, what is the average cost of celebrating Christmas for a family in the U.S? How much does an average family spend on all the gifts, the tree, and well, everything else during the holiday season?  


The Prices 

        To start off, how many people residing in the United States celebrate Christmas? Well, about 93 percent of the U.S population celebrates Christmas. That makes about 308 million people celebrate the holiday. Now people usually start the holidays off with decorating. So how much does the average person spend on Christmas decorations? 

         The average person spends about 150 dollars on a Christmas tree, and 110 dollars on other decorations. That brings us to about 260 dollars on all holiday decorations. I love the presents of Christmas, and I love the food even more. Now, how much does a Christmas meal cost?  

         The average person spends about 152 dollars on a Christmas meal. People all around the country eat different meals for Christmas, yet that is the average cost. Fun fact, my mom makes a French toast casserole on Christmas morning. It is delicious.  

         We went over the decorations and meal; now how much do people spend on gifts? The amount people spend varies. Though, the average amount of money spent on gifts is about 942 dollars. 


Total Amount 

          Now, after adding up on the prices that I have gathered I will find the amount the average person in the United States spends on Christmas. The total amount the average person spends is around 1,354 dollars! Wow! That is a lot of money.  

          The next thing I wanted to find out was how much the entire country spends on Christmas. After multiplying the amount an average person spends with the number of people that live in the U.S, I can find out the average cost the entire country spends. After doing that math, I found out that the United States populations spends about 417 billion dollars on Christmas. Who knew Christmas costs so much money?  



        While Christmas is an expense, it is a wonderful time of year to spend with family and friends. Sharing delicious foods, exchanging meaningful gifts, and preparing us for the start of a fresh New Year.