What are Your Christmas plans?

What are u doing for your christmas break?


Stella Sundin, Contributer

The first ever celebration of Christmas was in 336 AD. We have Christmas because we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas began as a mix of is pagans and the Christian cultures.. It is on December 25 every year. Everyone that celebrates Christmas might have different plans. What do you do? What I do is wait until everyone is awake and then open presents. Then we eat breakfast. Later that day we meet up with our family and hangout and play games. So, I asked people what they are doing. 

Gzyhiaa Buchanan- Usually on Christmas I open presents right when I wake up and wake up my parents and after we open presents, we usually go to my grandma’s house and eat breakfast then we open her presents that she got for us. 

Allie Yakubik- Usually I eat breakfast with my whole family and then we open gifts, then I hang out with my family and later go to grandmas to open gifts with another part of my family and eat a Christmas meal. 

Morgan Silva- I eat breakfast with my mom first and listen to holiday music. Then we open the presents. After we open our presents, we hangout for the day. Then later when I go to my room, I usually go throw my presents and organize them.  

Chauncey Pich- I wake up and open presents. We go over them and then eat breakfast. We also call family to wish them a merry Christmas. Then we enjoy the day. 

Zaniah Thomson- I eat cinnamon rolls and open presents then go to my grandma’s house and hangout with my cousins. 

Abigail Sosa- My family goes up to my grandma’s house in Jacksonville with my stepbrothers too. We open our presents and the night before we usually bake something. Then we hangout for the day 

Maddy Heonis- My family and I bake cookies, fudge, and yummy food for Christmas dinner. We also play board games and watch Christmas movies. 

Britiana Frias- Garcia- My family and I are going to drive up to New York and then on Christmas Eve we are going to my cousin’s house and open presents that our family gave us. Then on Christmas day we go to our friend’s house and hangout with them. Then we came back to Florida and my sister, and I opened gifts that our parents got us. 

That is what people from our school are doing for Christmas. Yours might be like one of them or maybe not. But anyways whatever you are doing hope you have a Merry Christmas.