Ideas for the Elf on the Shelf.

Coming with ideas for the elf on the shelf can be tough. Here are some that will make it fun for everyone.


Alexandra Udovik, Contributor.

Christmas is coming and it is time to get the Elf on the Shelf out and hide it in places for kids to find. But, producing creative ways to keep kids entertained is challenging. Here are some ideas to do for the elf. For the first day you can make an airplane out of cardboard and little accessories for the elf. Make it colorful and fun to the eyes and hang the airplane above the entrance door with a little sign that says something like “I’m back!” Put shiny things on the ground and on the airplane to make it seem magical. This will be a creative way for the elf to present itself. 

  For the next day, you can get marshmallows and build an igloo out of them. The elf can sit next to it as if he or she built it. With the left-over marshmallows, you can build snowmen with sprinkles for the eyes. Make sure the kids do not touch the elf or else it will lose its magic and not be able to fly to Santa. Also, you can sprinkle flour on the counter and make little foot prints that lead to the elf. It will bring kids joy to follow the prints and discover where the elf is hiding, in the Christmas tree or somewhere else.  

Making silly little outfits for the elf while it is placed in its new hiding spot will bring laughter to the children. Your elf can bring little presents like candy-canes or popcorn if the kids were being nice throughout the day.  

Elves can be mischievous sometimes so for your next idea you can find some old make up and smear some on the elf’s face, leaving a note saying “Yuck, this candy dose not taste good!” You can also put toothpaste on the bathroom mirror and on the tooth brushes as if the elf tried to brush its teeth. The Elf on the Shelf is a cute tradition to celebrate with all the ideas you can create and will bring joy to everyone.