What VMS Students Are Being for Halloween

This is what some of our VMS students are being.


Autumn Couch, Contributor

            Every year the month of October flies around. New Halloween movies and old ones being available to rent at home or in the movies. All the kids and adults have one night where the kids come up with creative ideas while the adults stock up on candy. This is Halloween. We can all agree dressing up is our favorite and everyone gets more creative dressing up. 


            To start off with, my friend Ava and I are dressing as boxers. Our outfits are pink robes that say knockout, Nike pros, and a sport bra. We are going to tape up our hands in black or pink tape like boxers do. On our face we’re going to put bruises and maybe on our lip smear red on it to look like blood. For our hair we’re going to Dutch braid it. For our shoes we were thinking of wearing Air Max 270’s. 


            Next, I interviewed Jadyn and Kyle. They will be 1920’s Flappers.  They are wearing flowy, sparkly dresses. Jewlery will be necklace pearls, with a feather headband. For shoes, they are Air Jordan’s. For makeup, eyeshadow and lipstick and mascara. They are also wearing gloves and a Boa.


           The last is Daniella and Stella, They are going out as gold diggers. The outfit is a black tank top and a shimmering skirt. Accessories are a golden chain with a money sign all bedazzled out in Rhinestones. The hat is a construction hat with a light on top of the hat. They also are going to have a shovel. The shoes they’re wearing are white Air Forces. 


            VMS students are very creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. Boxers, Flappers, and gold diggers are all very creative in their own ways.