What Was College Football Like Back Then?

Even if college football started little it is now one of the biggest sports in the world!


Michael Patrick, Contributor

Wooooh!!! Went the people in the stands for the first ever college football game Rutgers V Princeton, imagine you learn that a football game is going to happen, so you skip class and then you hear and see this amazing looking field with lots of people in the bleachers. 

I learned something interesting and that is that the first college football game Nov. 6, 1869, two teams from East Coast universities took the field and kicked off a storied tradition. About 100 spectators cheered student-athletes from Princeton and Rutgers in what is regarded as the football game in history. The Rutgers beat Princeton, 6-4, in the first college football game. The game, played with a soccer ball before and about 100 fans in New Brunswick, New Jersey, resembled rugby instead of today’s football. The first college football rules were written on Nov. 23, 1876, in Springfield, Mass by representatives from Columbia, Harvard, Princeton and Yale, some of the rules where the maximum length of the ground shall be 200 yards, the minimum breadth shall be 100 yards, the length and breadth shall be marked off with flags; and the goals hall be defined by two upright posts, 8 yards apart, without a tape or bar across them. The college football game on the radio was the contest between West Virginia University and Pittsburgh University on Oct. 8, 1921, broadcast on Pittsburgh radio station KDKA AM. The first college football game on TV was between Fordham University and Waynesburg University on Sept. 30, 1939.  The game was live by NBC and aired on W2X BS.  College football rankings started in 1939 on a press pole. Other ranking systems include the BCS /Bowl Championship Series/ rankings, which started in 1998, and the CFP /College Football Playoff /rankings, which began in 2014. The first Heisman Trophy was awarded to Jay Berwanger of Chicago University in 1935, Some of the people that got the Heisman are: 2022 Bryce young Alabama, 2021 Devonta Smith Alabama, 2019 Joe Burrow LSU ,2018 Kyler Murray Oklahoma. The award was created by the New York Downtown Athletic Club.  

I Asked 3 people what their favorite college football team was, and this is what they said, Mr. dinverno said That he likes Michigan because he is from Michigan, there were a couple other like Mr. Nell likes the Florida Gators because his kids take him to the games, and Joseph said that he likes Ole Miss because he thinks that Mississippi is beautiful, so from this information people usually like a team from being born there or liking the state