Will you learn to care?

mom jeans back in style.

Hellmer Charlotte Ryan

mom jeans back in style.

     Have you ever needed new clothes but you’re on budget. If so, you’re most likely going to buy from a fast fashion company. This may be nice, but what happens after your all done with the clothing or when you return them?   If you don’t know what fast fashion is, it is clothing produced in large amounts sold for cheap, but also the stuff is very cheaply made and horrible for the environment. During this Halloween you will expect to see lots of fast fashion items used as costumes because people don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a clothing piece they will use for one night. Now this is very understandable, but do we ever think what happens after we use the clothes? Do we ever think about the environment? 


   Fast Fashion is a very convenient way to step up your wardrobe let me add, but it is not the most environmentally friendly way to do so. With fast fashion clothes, you are paying for what you receive. Basically, this is saying you’re paying a low price for the low quality clothes. Not only is the quality of the clothes very cheap, but after the clothes are done, they go and fill up in a land fill and just pile up. This all happens because the fabric and material fast fashion brands use not reusable. 


I asked some students at VMS how they feel about fast fashion and their opinions and this is what they said. 

    Graham Cassani is an 8th grade student and said, “Fast fashion is bad, but also good in a way. I think it is bad because it will end up killing the environment, but it is also good because if you need something nice but you have little money.’’ 


       Elle Arena is an 8th grade student and said, ‘’Fast fashion is not the best I prefer not to buy it. Some of the stuff though is really cute and an amazing price. But when I ordered it, it was not the best quality.’’ 


      Alyssa I also a VMS 8th grader and she said, “It is pretty cool, but it also kills the world. It is good when you can’t afford good quality good clothing. Fast fashion is also really cool to be able to go in the internet and find good clothes to where that you like.”       


      Overall, I would say that Fast fashion is very harmful to our environment, but very convenient. Maybe if we had some morem reusable materials we could use this fast fashion with, they would get more sales.