People’s Favorite Part of Halloween


Graham Cassani, Contributor

Halloween is a very bustling and vibrant holiday that is celebrated by many. Considering how many things are available to do, what is your favorite part of Halloween. My favorite part about Halloween is hanging out with friends and putting up Halloween decorations. I love to put up Halloween decorations because I love the mood that is around when I am doing it. 

Judah Day, ‘’My favorite part of Halloween is trick or treating with friends. I enjoy trick or treating because it is a wonderful way to get all your friends together and do some crazy stuff. I also like wearing my Halloween costume because I can dress up like my favorite person.’’ 

Josh Cucio, “I like Halloween a lot. My favorite part of Halloween is when I get to go around the neighborhood scaring people and getting candy bars at the same time. I like doing out of pocket stuff on Halloween because I have an excuse to do it now. One time, I scared 3 people at the same time.” 

Phoenix Lidik, “My favorite part of Halloween is hanging out with my friends in general. It’s fun when we all do each other’s makeup and go around and make new friends, but also whacking each other with our candy sacks. Then when we get home to act crazy and trade candy.” 

Sean Ballentine,” My favorite part of Halloween is seeing my friends and getting to hang out with them for the night, I also like trick-or-treating with my sister. 

              In the end most people like to wear costumes and dress up, it is cool that some people think the same and some people think differently about their favorite part of Halloween. Halloween is just a wonderful time because you get to dress up, hangout with friends and more.  

Graham Cassani