BeReal. Storms the internet

BeReal. and everything About it


Elle Arena, Contributor

“Ding” That’s your phone buzzing to tell you to take your newest Be Real. BeReal is a photo-sharing app that allows users to post one photo per day to show their followers what they are doing in real-time. The BeReal app focuses on authenticity and asks users to be real. It gives you two minutes to take your photo from your front and backside camera. 

This is a social media app that has users post unfiltered photos of themselves once a day. It’s meant to encourage people to be more authentic, instead of trying to present a fake version of themselves.  

You may have been walking in the hallway and seeing people and all their friends taking a photo or asking someone to take it for them.  This is BeReal. This app had gotten very popular with kids at VMS.  Once a day they go on this app their friends showing what they are up to!  

Liberty White says “BeReal is fun, and I like how it’s a picture from both cameras, front and back.” 

Student Avery Vance (with an experience without this app, says), “I don’t have BeReal. but I do love being a part of my Friends BeReals. Also, Student Daniella Palladino “I think it’s just like snapchat. On snap you can text call and take pictures and even post stories but on BeReal you can   only post pictures. But I think it’s fun to take friends pictures and to be apart in them.” 

Student Stella Sundin, “I think it’s fun to see what your friends are up to, but it can get boring.” 

Student Katie Reynolds, “I enjoy using it because it’s fun to use with friends”