If You Had Only One Type Of Candy To Choose, Which Would It Be?

Sweet, Sour, Chocolate

Look at the mixed candy treats.

Look at the mixed candy treats.

Who Disputes That Chocolate is Best?


      Do you have a favorite type of candy? Well, some VMS students do! Olivia, Daniella, and I did a poll from a few students and a teacher to see if sweet, sour, or chocolate is better. I personally think chocolate is better because I don’t really like sweets and it has such a rich taste. Heres the results for chocolate. But first heres some facts: 

  • It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate. 
  • It took eight years to develop the recipe for milk chocolate.  
  • Chocolate has over 600 flavors of compounds.  
  • Each cocoa tree produces 2,500 cocoa beans. 
  • Dark Chocolate increases your heart health.
  • Ms. Jodwalis, “I like chocolate better because in my opinion it has a better taste” 

Arin,” I like chocolate better but especially dark chocolate.” 

Addison,” I like chocolate better because it’s simply good and has a better taste.” 

As we concluded we have 3 votes for chocolate. I can’t believe sour won I would have chosen chocolate. Stella 

The sweeter the better

*Knock knock knock* “trick or treat!!” here they come! The trick or treaters! “What kind of candy would you like, chocolate, sour, or sweet?” It’s a tough choice but, according to Google the world’s most popular candy flavor is sweet! Google knows what it’s saying! This is what some of our VMS family have said. 


Jacob- “I like sweet candy better because it is better than all the other candies.”

Michael- “I like what I am… sweet 


Oh my goodness, I expected more people to like sweet candy better! But sweet is the better choice because it’s simply better. After all, the whole point of having a piece of candy is to have something sweet! 


The sourer the better


    Every year one day comes around with kids knocking on the door saying, “trick or treat.” We all know you were the kid that took a whole handful even though the bucket said, “Please take one.” But if you are not, what kind of candy would you pick, chocolate, sour, or sweet?  

    I’m the kind of person who would pick sour candy. I love sour candy. When you put the sour candy in your mouth you get a sour surprise and then a sweet after taste. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m curious who else likes sour candy? Let’s ask.  

Emily- “I like sour candy better because it tastes better.” 

Taylor- “Sour candy is just better than the rest.” 

Daniel- “I don’t like sweet or chocolate candy.” 

Kyli- “I like sour candy because you get the best of both worlds, its sour and then sweet.” 

Tyler- “I like sour candy because I like the way it feels in my mouth, and I like the taste better than all the other candies.” 

Catalina- “I like sour candies because I like the shock when you first put it in your mouth.” 

   Wow! I’m surprised about how many people like sour candy. Actually, what am I talking about, sours the best. You can never get bored of it. It’s not like chocolate candy where you need water every 2 seconds and sweet candy where it’s too sweet where it gets boring. So, what do you like better, sweet, sour, or chocolate?