Crocs: Comfortable, Breathable, Colorful, School Appropriate

What others and I think of shoes!

most but not all kinds of crocs.

most but not all kinds of crocs.

Stevie Huyck, Contributor

Let’s be honest, it is so annoying to get a pair of $100 shoes and get so excited to wear them to school, and then as soon as you’re walking in the halls, you feel the excruciating pain of the shoes rubbing against your heels. Most of my peers say that some of the only comfortable shoes to wear, are NOT allowed for schools, (Ex: Slippers, Flipflops, Slides, Etc.) 

 Some of my peers say Converse are the most comfortable shoes, and some say Crocs are the most comfortable shoes. But what are the most comfortable shoes that ARE appropriate for school? One person, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that Adidas NMD’s were the most comfortable shoes. NMD’s were made by the Adidas company and were made for doing exercise and for comfort. Another source said that Air Forces were the most comfortable shoes. Air Forces were made by Designer Bruce Kilgore and were mainly made for playing basketball. 

Personally, I think that Crocs are the most comfortable shoes because they don’t cover your entire foot and you can let those puppies breathe. Crocs were made by Lyndon Hanson, George Boedecker jr., and Scott Seamans. Crocs were made originally for boating, but comfortability was another purpose of these silicone, arch supporting, breathable shoes! I think the main reason Crocs are so comfortable is because the backing is adjustable, so they don’t rub against the scabs on your heels from some of the other shoes. Just make sure if/when you wear them to school, you flip the strap to the back! 

When I asked my friends, some of them wish that shoes like Slippers ad Flipflops were allowed at school but honestly, I don’t want to be looking at crusty toes while I’m taking a test in math class. What do you think are the most comfortable shoes? Answer in the poll found elsewhere in this edition!