About Hurricanes

October 28, 2022


This is the after effects of hurricane Ian on River Rd

Hurricanes are formed when a tropical storm’s winds reach a maximum of 75 mph. Hurricanes usually come from in the Atlantic Basin, which includes; The Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico, the eastern North Pacific Ocean, and, less frequently, the central North Pacific. The World Meteorological Organization uses a six-year rotating list of names that are updated and maintained, to identify the storms. “Hurricane Season” begins June 1st and ends November 30th, although hurricanes can, have, and will occur outside of this time frame.  

Have you ever been through a hurricane that damaged your home or the people you loved? A hurricane can take lives or take away people’s homes and leave them stranded alone and scared. Even a hurricane CAT 1 can cause enough damage that will make you leave home and make you stay in a hotel or in a family member’s house. Hurricanes may not look like much considering a sinkhole or a tornado, but they are still problematic and are still quite dangerous. For example, hurricane Ian and Irma. 

 Irma was a CAT 5 hurricane, there were 52 direct and 82 indirect fatalities caused by this storm we were told “Not to worry about” and that “It’s not as bad as people are saying it is.” The hurricane devastated people and places, Florida was in the path of the storm and many feared that it would be worse than Hurricane Andrew, which wreaked havoc in the state in 1992. Their fears came true, and Irma wrecked Florida, the streets were flooded for days after the hurricane. Irma left behind tons of damage for the people to clean up and fix.  

Ian hit us with a powerful CAT 4 throwing winds of 150 mph! That could make a few kids go flying away! Ian took around 72 lives down in Florida, this hurricane was a hard hit and flooded the streets and even flooded the Myakka River all over River Road. 1.05 million people went without power, all these people without power and having their houses being flooded are in danger and have had to move into a hotel, friend’s house, or a family member’s house. These damages caused will cost the people a severe amount of money they don’t have due to the hurricane leaving their place of business without power as well. Natasha Bensen, an 8th grader and a good friend of mine, went through the hurricane so I decided to ask her a few questions.  

“Natasha, how did hurricane Ian affect you?” 

“During the hurricane my house’s back room flooded. We had to move all our cardboard boxes out of the room.” 

“What was it like for you and your family?” 

“My sister was by the window, watching the storm the whole time, I helped my dad wring out wet towels, and my mother made food on the propane grill.” 

“Would you say this experience was worse than hurricane Irma was?”  

“It was about the same and I feel we were lucky we didn’t get much damage” 

“Thank you for sharing!” 

These hurricanes are just 2 of the many that have over time caused our home damage. Most of the time when a hurricane appears people sometimes don’t make it out of their flooded homes or the place they are using as shelter in a timely manner, so pets get left behind. Dogs, cats, lizards, etc. Can you imagine being in a dangerous situation and having to leave your pet knowing they won’t make it? You would feel guilty and horrible just like how many others have. Keep yourself, your family, and your friends close and safe! 

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