Some of the damage that Hurricane Ian did to our backyard.

My Experience During Hurricane Ian.

Going through the hurricane was tough for all of us but we stayed strong.

October 26, 2022

Hurricane Ian was a scary experience to go through and has left everyone in my family on edge. It was not our first time going through a hurricane. School was canceled and my dad bought boards to cover up the windows in our house. Everything that could be picked up by the hurricane was brought into the garage. On Tuesday, my mom told my siblings and me to gather all the flashlights in the house and to fill up the bath tub and buckets with water since there will not be electricity in the house. I went to sleep at twelve and was woken up in the middle of the night by loud wind. It surprised me that it could be that strong but then I got over it and fell back asleep. 

 The hurricane came on Wednesday. No trees had fallen yet and the lights were still working, but flickered occasionally. While I was brushing my teeth, the lights turned off completely. A loud thud caught my attention and I ran into the living room to find that the large oak tree in our backyard was now lying on the ground. The glass doors were not barricaded and layers of wind and rain made the outside look like it was misty. Our trampoline was on its side, the lake was over flowing, the fence was knocked down, and everything you could think of was destroyed.  

My mom was getting dizzy and texted our relatives to get information on hurricane Ian since there was no internet. On the other side of the house, another tree that was bigger than the oak, landed right between our neighbor’s house and our shed. A squirrel was running toward our house against the wall, not knowing if it should climb a tree or stay here since it was not safe in any location. The pool area was flooded and my dad had to go outside to open the door so the water would go onto the road instead of our house. Time seemed as if it was slowed down and we all wanted this hurricane to end. 

The next day, it was all over and we started to clean around our house. Our mango tree that tilted during the hurricane was brought up and underneath was an injured bird. We drove to the bird sanctuary and gave it to the people who took care of it. Everyone was safe and we all worked to clean up the neighborhood.

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