Favorite Halloween Candy of VMS

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Favorite Halloween Candy of VMS

Natalia Orwat, Contributor

I think most of us love candy, especially if you get it for free. Halloween is a fun time to spend with friends, get some exercise and eat sweets. There is a debate going on every year about what is the best Halloween candy. According to the website Best-Halloween-Candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the best Halloween candy. The students at VMS think otherwise. 

Talking to them, this is what they said. Julia “I like Warheads the most because of the sour but sweet taste.” Isabella said she also really likes Warheads because they are exceptionally good, sour, and sweet. Maria says that Sour Skittles are the best because of the perfect level of sourness. Although Alexandrea says that she likes KitKat the best. She states that she loves the mixture of textures. She likes all the layers as well. An anonymous person said, “I love Gobstoppers. They are the best because at first, they are hard but once you keep them in your mouth for a while, they turn soft and are so delicious and fruity.” (Emily) “I like to get the Airhead Strips while going door to door because they are so delicious and sour. After you lick the sour stuff off the strip, you get a sweet, fruity treat.” 

I also asked some of the students what they think does not deserve to be on the list of top 5 favorite Halloween candies. Avery was saying that the Heresy Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar should not be in the top 5 because it is just terrible. “It is way too sweet, and the bits of cookies inside just do not help at all.”  

I personally love Fun-Dip or Smarties. Fun-Dips are fun to eat, and I love how my mouth turns blue after I eat them. Smarties are scrumptious because they have a taste that brings back a lot of fun memories. What is your favorite Halloween candy? Do you think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups deserve to be at the top of the list or something else should get the top spot?