How Did Halloween Come About

Would you like to know why we have Halloween?

How Did Halloween Come About

Jillian Scuturo-Mickunas, Contributor

     Back in the day, did you ever think if people years before us had Halloween like we do now? If so, then how did Halloween truly come about? 

     Halloween is the time of year where kids dress up and go trick or treating, but back in the late-1800’s people would make bonfires and dress up to ward off spirits and fairies. Have you ever wondered where Halloween came from? It came from the Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. 

     A fellow 8th grader stated, “I like being able to hang out with my friend and dress up.” Avery Vance, an 8th grader said, “I personally like it… I love being fake by dressing up… if I could change one thing, I would get better candy. I DONT WANT RASINS!”  

     Halloween first came to America in the 1840s, brought over by Irish immigrants, and over time has slowly developed as to what we have now. Trick or Treating is fun but how did that come about? About 500 years ago in the Middle Ages, people would dress up in costumes and they would put on performances like singing, dancing, or even reenacting plays. In exchange, they would get food or a drink. This is called mumming. 

     Have you ever heard of All Soul’s Day? Well, it takes place on November 2nd to honor the dead, and poor people would knock on the doors of the wealthy. The wealthy would give out small cakes called soul cakes and ask that they pray for the souls of the family’s deceased relatives. Then Pope Gregory the 3rd made November 1st as a time to honor all saints in the 8th century. Later people started to incorporate some of the traditions in Samhain. 


     Halloween is a fun holiday, and you can get some candy galore. So, the next time you go into the woods, bring your friends and family, and remember the people who walked on the spooky path almost 2000 years ago.