Life At The Top

How it feels to be an 8th grader.


8th graders displaying advanced scientific knowledge.

Olivia Hall, Contributor


You are now in eighth grade. Do you remember when you were at the top of the food chain in primary school? Now that you are back at the top in middle school how do you feel? This is how some of the students feel. 

  • Stella Sundin- “It is good, but I do not like my math class and civics is difficult.” 
  • Daniella Palladino- “It is something, but it is better than last year just slow, I am glad that I do not have crutches and I’m less shy this year.” 
  • Liberty White- “It has been great so far.” FOUR BOYS she likes!! And she does not like the work. 
  • Evan Forbes- “Better than seventh but worse than sixth.” 
  • Autumn Couch- “Math is hard, but all the other classes are easy.” S he likes her encores and likes challenging herself. 
  • Elle Arena- “It is good. But so much homework” 
  • Chauncey Pich- “Great, I got more friends and closer to others.” 
  • Alicia Kokocinski- “It sucks, people are bullies.” 

 That is how a handful of our VMS students feel about being eighth graders. This shows how excited most eighth graders are about this year, but there are also some students do not like how it is going or do not know how to feel.