What It is To be a Charger

What does it mean for a charger?


A knight attack upon a charger!

Michael Patrick, Contributor

Neigh! Went the charger which is conveniently the mascot for our school. When you hear charger, you probably think a dodge charger well to us is a lot more than a car.         

      I went around school asking what a charger is to you? And these are the results two people said a charger is a horse, and two people said that it is a car (Dodge Charger), and one person said that a charger Is what represents the school.     

     These horse breeds(charger) we’re a mixture of heavy breeds ideal for carrying armored knights. And it’s a lighter breed for hit and run or fasting moving warfare this is important for the knights and for hand to hand so they could win the battle faster. A collective name for all medieval warhorses was a charger. For all the knights they were dependable on the chargers. 

That is all about the chargers and they chose it as our mascot because it represents us as being dependable. Also, I think they chose it because we are a mixture of several types of people. Based on the people most of them do not know about our mascot.