Dressing Accordingly for School

I am for Dress Code


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Over the past decade, the dress code at schools has become an increasingly common policy in tons of communities.  The dress code has its pros that make it good and cons that are agreed to be too much for students. A dress code promotes a serious atmosphere around schools which helps promote good behavior. Would you be able to focus if your shorts got too short because you sat down and had to keep pulling them down, or if your shirt kept going up too far when you raised your hand?

The dress code has changed a lot over the years, but it is still an unfair rule. I feel that if the dress code was set up on girls a little or it became stricter on the boys, people would be more attentive to the rule instead of trying to stand out. The girls usually break the dress code because they feel like people are trying to hide the way they want to dress while the boys get to show off half their body to the world and not be judged. Dress code is a rule that tries to have standards that promote gender equality and inclusivity, a gender-neutral dress code shouldn’t target or discriminate against a specific gender. The dress code eliminates attire that can be distracting to yourself or others.

The students end up showing up to school and class more on time when there is a dress code or uniform. The uniforms that some schools have are easy outfits for kids to wake up and just throw on. A controlled outfit that isn’t a uniform is another easy outfit for students. When there is less time spent on getting ready in the morning students end up having more time to do their morning routine or have more time to sleep. The more sleep students get, the more attentive they will become. Even when students get to class, they are checked over to see if they are following the dress code. Sometimes students cheat the dress code but complain when they can’t concentrate on their work. Dress code is a good rule to have, but needs to be edited and changed to be more of a fair rule. Even if life isn’t fair, dress code should be.