Relationships Within VMS

Learn the deeper meaning of the word.


An example of a close relationship with friends.

Hey I’m kyle sirois, and I am an eighth grader at Venice Middle School. As a young teenager I love hanging out and making new friends every single day, like I am sure a lot of other people around my age do. It is fun to have friends but it is even better to have friends that you know you can trust, and count on when you need them. Me and all the other people that I interviewed all agree that it is important to have a good bond, or you would say, relationship. Relationship is a big word that can mean a lot of things, and even have a lot of emotion in it. 



The definition of relationship “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” I went around asking people what relationships mean to them, and if they think it is important. Graham Cassani, also a student from Venice Middle School said, “Someone who is loyal, always there for you. With no relationship, it is not healthy.” He also said “I think it is important because it helps you stay loyal.”  Autumn Couch said, “To me relationship means having a really strong connection that both currish. And yes, I do think relationships are important because having a connection or bond with someone is important because it can make you mentally happy.” I also went to the extent of asking Mr. Devitt, a teacher at Venice Middle School, how he feels. “Understanding each other is a big factor of it. Absolutely, all of our society is built around relationships.” 



It can always be very hard to form a strong relationship with people, no matter how hard people try. Forming a relationship is definitely not easy, you have to talk to people, get to know them, etc. A big key part in a relationship is trust, and trusting someone is really hard. Ethier if it is from past relationships that where really bad, such bad trauma, you just have trust issues and cannot rely on anyone else, or just simply because you just don’t know how to trust someone.  



Overall the word relationships has a strong deep meaning that we should all learn to understand and love. You will hear and say this word more commonly than you would think, and that should be for the best. So try and form some good relationships with people and help people understand the true heartfelt meaning of the word relationship 


-Kyle Sirois