8th Graders Stepping In

8th graders helping VMS 6th grade students become a better student


Autumn Couch, Contributor

Every year new students come into VMS clueless having no idea about middle school. They come in and they have teachers that are stricter. I thought maybe we could help them and ask VMS 8th graders advice. 


The first person I talked to was Jadyn Comfort and I asked one piece advice for the VMS sixth graders, and she said, ” For sixth graders, I say don’t change yourself for no one. That is a big one. Don’t change yourself for other people, so they like you if they can’t like you for who you aren’t they aren’t your friends.  


Another person I asked was Ava Wireman. She had the same answer as Jadyn that “to not change yourself for anyone,Like I said stay true to yourself. It’s not going to be fun if you try to fake who you are. 


The last one I interviewed was Haley Fair. I asked her for advice for 6th graders, and she said, “Don’t cheat and pay attention in class.” This will help you a lot because quizzes and assessments are a big part of your grade cheating can drop your grade a whole letter. 


In conclusion not cheating and being yourself won’t just benefit you as a better VMS student but also in the real world.