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Beware Gum

Beware Gum

Jillian Scuturo-Mickunas, Contributor

Have you ever been walking to classes with your friends? You would expect to see grass, dirt, and occasionally Mr. Volta riding on the golf cart, but if you look past the golf cart, you might see black and gray spots on the pillars and ground?

Well, isn’t that gross? If you look closer, that’s gum. People don’t realize they’re stepping on it because it’s dry. What if you had gum on your shoe and walked into the classroom and it stuck to the carpet? Two anonymous sources said they like to chew gum because it fills their hunger till lunchtime, and it gives them something to fidget with in the meantime.

Most people get too lazy to throw away their gum when they get into the classroom, or they try to hide it from the teachers. One way we can reduce the amount of gum all over school is by having more trash cans but not just inside the buildings.

A decent number of people like to stop and take a drink by the water fountains, it would be a perfect place to put them, since most people don’t drink water with gum in their mouths.

As a result, by reading this I hope you consider fellow classmates by not leaving gum on the ground where it can be stepped on and so the custodians don’t have to pick it up.