Girls Volleyball Seeks Championship

Do you like volleyball?


Stella Sundin, Contributor


Venice High School volleyball players have won a lot of state championships. But a lot of it started at Venice  Middle School! VMS wins a lot of competitions and goes to finals.  


The Volleyball coach is Ms. Stasko. She has been coaching for six years at VMS and she loves it. The biggest achievement she has had is making the county finals. They placed second in two out of the six years she coached. This year there’s 15 people on the team. The team is doing good. She has confidence in them.  A typical practice looks like this warmup then they do drills like serving, passing, hitting, and defense. Then they play putting the team in scenarios. Eleven former students play at VHS: four on varsity, four on jv, and 3 on freshman team. It’s a good way to be active, you can make friends, get out of your comfort zone, and it’s just a good time!