Welcome 6th Graders!

Welcome 6th Graders!

-How To Survive Middle School-

Welcome 6th graders! 

-How To Survive Middle School- 

This year of 2022-2023, we welcome all sixth graders that are new students this year. They have a lot of things that have changed for them coming into this VMS. 

Some things that 6th graders should know. In Venice Middle, we are the only middle school in the Sarasota County Schools District that has young marines. Also, we have great encores that you can join such as (Band, Orchestra, Art, Choir, P.E. and journalism.) 

 I asked some of the sixth graders about some things that are different for them this year. Most of them said that it is different because you have different teachers for different classes. They said that this means more homework for when they get home. 

“No recess is the biggest difference for me when coming into middle school,” Jack Reynolds says.  

  Also, most of them said that the first day of middle school was hard because they couldn’t find their classes, but other than that they had a pretty good day. 

The electives are also fun for new students. A few 6th graders said they like having electives because for two periods of the day, they got to do what they enjoyed. 

Some 8th graders with middle school experience, they have some tips that will help your 6th grade year go a little smoother. 

Avery Vance says, “I recommend not letting your grades fall through too quickly.” As we’re on the topic of schoolwork, Layla Tippett says, “Do your homework. It will affect you later.” 

Liberty White says, “Keep your real friends close so that you don’t get into drama.” 

Daniella Palladino says, “Don’t wear too much makeup, don’t be fake to yourself, keep up   with hygiene, and make sure you find your real friends even if it takes a little while to find them.” 

Autumn Couch says, “Be true to yourself.”  

We hope that this helps you incoming 6th graders make this year easier and smooth for you. Hope your year at VMS treats you well! And Go Chargers! 

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