School is Awesome But….

…breaks are even more exciting.

Relaxing beach holiday

Relaxing beach holiday


I think everyone can agree that the best parts of the school year are the days that we have off. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring breaks are the most exciting ones because they are the longest. Mini breaks are also enjoyable. What do you do during those times? 

During the long breaks, many people go on vacation to a different state or city. Some stay at home and spend time with family or friends. Preferably I like to relax or visit different states. You can go on a road trip to the Florida Keys or to some of the botanical gardens. 

Speaking to students at school, a lot said they like to sleep and hang out with friends. Some also said they like going to Busch Gardens or Treasure Island. In addition, there are a lot of kids who love to play video games. It is your time off so let yourself play as much as you want. The majority of students prefer to travel during the long breaks than to stay at home.  

Lexi Wagner said “Over break, sometimes I just like to relax, give my brain a break from everything. So, I just sit in my bed and eat food. Eventually, I spent time together with people, but in the beginning of break I do not.” 

Mini breaks can be good for our mental health. Having a 3-day weekend is very pleasing for most kids. There are a lot of things to do in that time. It is a good time to visit your grandparents that live far away or throw a party. Of course, since it is Florida there are lots of beaches to go relax or take a swim in the ocean.  

School is ridiculously hard for a lot of students. Not only physically, but also mentally. We should have a day off at least once a month. During breaks we should relax and have fun.