Dress code in schools.

Dress code in schools.

I am with Dress Code.

Dress code should be applied to schools so students will dress appropriately and stay safe.

September 19, 2022

I am for a dress code to be used in schools because it keeps students safe and teaches them to be dressed appropriately for the school campus. Pupils can show up wearing clothing that can be revealing and stand out in a dangerous way, making them an easy target for child predators and abusers. Also, people can get bullied for something they are wearing and that can lead them to become insecure about themselves. A VMS student said that the dress code should be stricter because of people wearing clothing that reveals too much skin. 

Dress codes bring a sense of safety to the students and to the parents. Parents will feel at ease knowing their children will not bring any unwanted attention to themselves. Children do not feel comfortable when they are receiving unnecessary attention because of the way they are dressed. 

Accessories, such as chains and earrings, may also become an issue. For example, a student can be walking out the door and one of their adornments can get caught and hurt them; same as certain earrings, they can get stuck somewhere and rip off the earlobe, seriously injuring the child. I asked some students what their opinion on dress code was and one replied that it should be enforced because of people getting hurt by some of the things they wear. 

 If the dress code was not applied, then the students will dress in the trending fashion, ignoring the fact that it might be too revealing and becoming the focus of attention. Likewise, different dress styles and hair styles shift the attention away from educational concentrating points. 

 Some students care more about what they are wearing, which could lead to them failing classes or obtaining poor grades; the focus becomes more on their wardrobe than their studies. Dress code helps them pay attention in classes; helps them learn discipline; and be more responsible. It makes schools’ atmosphere more serious. 

 Certain slogans and phrases reveal hidden inappropriate and personal contexts about height, race, religion and more.  A teacher here stated that words on clothes can be very powerful and could sometimes hurt feelings of other students; we need to control that. A hoodie, for example, can say something like, “How’s the Weather up There” and that can offend people who are tall. Some words on clothing can offend different ethnic groups as well. In general, lack of dress code in school results in social conflict, low-self-esteem, distraction, and much more. Therefore, “I am with dress code!” 

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