Stella and Olivia doing classwork, but daydreaming about summer.

Summer Vacation or School?

How was your summer?

September 19, 2022

So, as you know, school is back in session. We must wake up early and sit in a classroom for 7 hours and listen to a teacher talk. This is not the must fun thing in the world. Summer was fun. We got to sleep in, hang out with friends as long as we wanted to, did not have any homework, and we got to have sleepovers. so, lets go ask how their summer was.


Kyle Sirios [8]: “My summer was boring, but also fun. It was fun because I went on trips. But it was boring because I stayed home a lot.”

Autumn Couch [8]: “My summer was fun. I went to Georgia and then went on a church trip and then I went back to Georgia to see some friends.”

Stella Sundin [8]: “It was bad. It was bad because the second week of summer i dislocated my knee. In July I went on a cruise and that was fun. It was the best part of my summer.

Olivia Hall [8]: “It was good. My friends from Virginia came down to visit for the Fourth of July and my dad was debating to but a wig. But he did not. Thank God!”

Michael Patrick [8]: “Mid, it was so boring. I did  go to Bush Gardens, but the lines were so long, so I only got to go on two rides.

Mr. Mead: “Right after school I went to Minnesota on a camping trip with some college friends. I also traveled to Connecticut, Tennessee, and Michigan. Lastly, I spent a lot of time playing golf and hanging out with my dog Fran. 


In all honestly in school, you can spend time together with friends and you can play your sports, but nothing beats a summer vacation. 


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