The Wonders of Tech Club

~Come Join Tech Club!~



Students at Tech Club working hard!

Stevie Huyck, Contributor

“And the winner of the Florida Robotics Competition is…..Venice Middle School Tech Club!”  Have you ever been to Tech Club? If not, it is a very engaging after school activity that you can do with parent approval. It is a hands on after school club that runs from 2:15 to 3:30. It’s very fun if you like doing computer activities, not games, and hands on building such as robotics, engineering, coding, etc. If you haven’t been to Tech Club and you want to you can ask Mr. Ittel in room 205, you don’t even need to be enrolled in his class! Just ask for permission from Mr. Ittel and your parents or guardian and you’re all set!  

   Lots of kids love Tech Club. (Including me!) There are so many interesting and engaging things to do, and you can even build robots and enter them in a competition for prizes outside of school! So, why is it important for school, one may ask. Well, Tech Club helps students to enhance their motor skills and to use your thinking for real hands-on things instead of on paper. You also do a bunch of fun programs on computers such as coding, constructing, and so much more! Tech Club is also free to join, no fee required! If you do end up going to Tech Club and entering a robot competition, then you may need permission from a parent or guardian to leave the school during school hours to go.  

   If you’re wondering if Tech Club has ever won any competitions the answer is yes! In each robotics competition there are 12 rounds and almost every time Tech Club students compete; they win 6 out of 12 rounds! Also, fun fact; Mr. Dinverno is very supportive of Tech Club and their accomplishments! Some other things we are going to be doing are building pop bottle rockets from soda bottles and cardboard, and co2 cars made of wood! That’s right, woodworking! Lots of students love Tech Club. So, if you’re ever wondering what to do with your free time, go see Mr. Ittel in room 205 and get that paper to join!