Elliette McDowell, contributor

Attention all incoming 5th grade students to Venice Middle School! This message is for you so keep reading. I have been at VMS my whole middle school career, so I can give you some advice on what it will be like and what you should do when you come here. 

First thing you should do is keep your grades up, a lot of people will say middle school does not matter but from my perspective it makes habits for high school. If you do your work in middle school with effort, then you will have a habit of doing it for high school. You may not know this, but your parents get emails when you do not turn in an assignment and if your parents are anything like mine, you do not want them to receive that email. One thing I learned about turning in work on time is it causes a lot less stress, when you have a missing assignment, it is stressful trying to work it in with all your other work. Make sure you follow up with your teacher when turning in late work so that they put it in the grade book, and you can get rid of that stress. 

 Socializing in middle school and making friends can sometimes be hard to do but I do have tips. Number one is to be a clean person. If you smell bad or look like you have not showered in a decade people will not want to talk to you and avoid you at all costs. I do not mean this in a rude way but consider taking showers at least every other day and preferably every day. Something that can help with your body odor is deodorant. You should put on deodorant in the morning before school and if you have gym you may want to put it on before or after gym class.  One last topic about middle school is socializing. In elementary school you are always in the same classroom and with the same people but, when you get to middle school there are so many new people. When you are in your class, talk to the person next to you. It is a wonderful way to make new friends and sometimes the friendships last. 

In conclusion, the steps to take when transitioning to middle school are quite simple yet especially important and if you take these steps, I can reassure you that middle school will be easy for you.