Disney Neighborhoods

Bring the magic of Disney to your own home.


Viviana, Contributor

     It’s no doubt that Disney World has become known worldwide for its magical experiences and memories, but recently it’s been announced that the company is building residential communities. Disney plans to build these neighborhoods near Palm Springs in California, and later across the rest of the country. According to the company, “Storyliving by Disney” will have “the warmth and charm of a small town and the beauty of a resort.” Disney intends to include some communities for residents ages 55 and older. It’s been said that the developments are going to include hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment, and a grand oasis. Those who want to visit the development can buy tickets exactly like the ones available at the Disney parks. The only difference is that you are only allowed to visit during the daytime. There will also be a club membership that allows people to attend a clubhouse hosting culinary, musical, and artisanal activities as guest entertainment. According to other sources, the neighborhoods will have town centers and the same Disney magic that the actual parks have. 

      It is predicted that the “Storyliving by Disney” community will be approximately 618 acres and that the price of the homes will be decided by the homebuilders. There will be around 1,900 various residential units in the neighborhood as well. The Disney communities will be managed by Disney employees, also referred to as cast members. Although there are no extra discounts or other special privileges for Disney’s other businesses, residents can pay for a club membership to experience classes. These sessions will be related to topics such as cooking, mental health, water recreation , etc. A Disney employee stated that “Storyliving by Disney” will not have any correlation to previous Disney projects. Some of these plans included the Town Center and a golf club. So, if you want to experience the magic of Disney from your own home, “Storyliving by Disney” might be a perfect fit for you.