What to do in Florida over the summer


Chad McDermott

Beach and ocean scenics for vacations and summer getaways

Jorja Sundin, Contributor

Do you plan to stay in Florida this summer? If so, there are several things that you could do in the state. There are many different amusement parks such as the four parks at Disney, Universal, and several waterparks. There are also many beaches available to go to this summer thought the whole state. You can even take multiple tours and explore many places too. 

“When I think about things to do in Florida, I think about amusement parks” says Abby Sosa. As far as amusement parks there are many to choose from. Many people think about Disney World since it is the most known. Some can forget about the others like SeaWorld, Lego Land, and Universal. All these excursions offer many rides and even diverse types of food that you cannot get at most places. Some known favorites as far as food include dole whip at Disney World, butterbeer at Universal, and many more. If the Florida heat is too much, there are also Waterparks open too. Some waterparks include Adventure Island in Tampa, Aquatica, and Universals Volcano Bay both in Orlando. These parks provide many slides and different pools. If just the slides and pools do not sound appealing Discovery Cove located in Orlando offers not just a lovely place to relax but also swimming with Sealife such as dolphins. 

To add on, if you would rather go somewhere more peaceful there are many beautiful beaches to visit as well. Beaches such as Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key, and St. Augustine Beach are known for family friendly spots. Not only are these beaches great spots to spend the day but they also have several hotels and resorts on them to have trips as well. Some beaches even offer camping like Long Key State Park and Curry Hammock State Park. Both parks are right on the water and allow tents and RVs to stay in. If just going to the beaches does not sound like enough why not just fly above them. Miami Plane Tours offers both helicopter and plane tours of South Florida. To get a magnificent view of the water you do not need to be above it, you could also take a boat tour. There are many places such as St. Pete, Clearwater, St. Augustine, and many more that provide these tours. Boat tours allow you to see many amazing views and see many places.  

In the end if you are staying in Florida for the summer that does not mean you cannot do anything. There are still many fun activities you can do. Going places like amusement parks, beaches, and even taking tours is a wonderful thing to do with your family over the summer.