Connecting with friends after eight grade.


Olivia Edwards, Contributor

As the school year is ending, for many eight graders it can be stressful. But nothing is worse than your best friend going to a different high school than you. As an incoming freshman, you just have to hope you have other friends in classes. 

There is always that chance that one of your friends end up going to a different school. So, what are you going to do about it? Cry? What you need to do is find a way to see them. For one thing, you can see them over the summer. Summertime will be the best way to see them. You can make plans to go to the  beach, sleepovers every other night, and go to amusement parks. Make as many plans as you can to see them during the summer. Summer will be the most crucial time to see your friends because you will not be seeing them for half a year 

  Once school hits it may be a little difficult. Though you will not be seeing them in school and you can always see them outside of school. You can still sleepover, and make plans, but you can also text, facetime, call, etc. After school, starts social media will one of your best friends.  You can connect with your friend(s) and tell about school drama, like most teenagers  do. 

  Just because you don’t go to school with your friends does not mean that you will not ever see them again. You just need to find a way to see them outside of school. Just make plans and stay connected and you will be fine.