End of year Fun for Eighth Graders!

Fun year for eighth graders!

Samantha yaniero

        Are you ready for the school year to be over? Well they eighth graders are, because they get to do so many things before they graduate. They get to go on a fieldtrip to Livingston’s , there very own dance, and lastly graduation.

   This year eighth graders get to do fun things before they graduate Venice Middle School. For example, if you behave and follow the rules in class, you  get to go on a fun trip to Livingston’s. When they go, they get to have unlimited games and go carts to ride. They also get free pizza and soda while they are there. But if students want to go Livingston’s they have to maintain a good attitude and not get referrals or in school suspensions and lastly not having 3 unexcused absences.                                                                                                                                                                         

      Before the fun trip students can go to a dance at the school while they can dress up and have a fun time with friends. There are also rules for the dance such as unexcused absences, referrals, in school suspensions and a dress code to go to the dance. If you do not follow the dress code rule for the dance, you cannot go. 

    Lastly after all the fun with the dance and the Livingston’s, they get to graduate Venice Middle School. The graduation is held indoors at Venice High School. Students will be walking when they get their name called. There will be speeches and pictures taken. Students will be able to invite two people to the graduation. Students will also have to be in dress code to walk at graduation. 

        In conclusion eighth graders this year get to do so much fun activities. But they will have to follow the rules in order to participate in these activities. When students go they are going to have an amazing time at Livingsoton’s , the dance and graduation.