Venice Highschool Sports

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May 16, 2022

Venice Highschool Sports

   As the year comes to an end our fellow 8th graders are leaving us for high school, and with that they start their journeys into the real world. High school comes with many new things, including new sports options. If you are going to Venice Highschool, you are very lucky to be surrounded by one of the top sports schools in the state. Venice Highschool has won many state championships, some include the volleyball team being 5-time state champions, and their football team being 3-time state champions. 

       Venice Highschool has summer workouts for kids interested in seeing what it is like to be on the team. The volleyball workouts start on June 6th through July 14th with the week of July 4th –7th off. Workouts are on Monday- Thursday from 8 am to 10:30 am. You will get to work on your volleyball skills and see how your practices will go if you try out and make the team. The football summer workouts have already begun and will continue through the summer. If you are interested in doing these workouts over the summer, you can go to the Venice volleyball and football websites to get signed up.  

       Venice has many other sports, including their fall sports, cheerleading, boys’ and girls’ cross country, football, girls and boys golf, swimming, and girls’ volleyball. Their winter sports include boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ and boys’ soccer, wrestling, and girls weightlifting. Their spring sports include baseball, boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, softball, boys’ and girls’ tennis, boys and girls track, boys’ volleyball, beach volleyball, boys’ and girls’ water polo, and boys’ weightlifting. There are many options to pick from so don’t be afraid to try something new, who knows you might be good at it. Even if sports aren’t your thing Venice has multiple other amazing programs to choose from, so don’t be shy and try out. 

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